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A Last Birds concert consists of two voices and two guitars.   This simple approach is counterbalanced by Mike's melodic guitar solos and the couple's close vocal harmonies.  Audiences have repeatedly described Last Birds' performances as "haunting" and "mesmerizing".  With honest storytelling and humorous couple banter, listeners have been known to laugh and cry during the course of a show.  

Maximum show time is two 45-minute sets or one 75-minute set.

Does your programming include workshops and/or community outreach? Last Birds would love to be part of your community.  We offer a fun, interactive songwriting workshop tailored to your community.  


House Concerts

Enjoy a professional performance in the comfort of your own space in the company of your friends and family. 

Last Birds is currently taking bookings in Western Canada. 

To host a concert you will need: 

A space large enough to accommodate at least 25 guests, yourself and Last Birds (Mike and Lindsay with their guitars) 

Book a concert 

Send an email to with your name, phone number, address, number of guests (minimum 25), and date(s) you would like to host.  Include a brief description of the space you would intend to host the concert.