Last Birds


Last Birds is a Folk-Americana project by the Canadian Folk Music Award nominated artists, Lindsay Arnold and Mike Davis.  

Focusing on a "two guitars, two voices" approach, the duo's sound is reminiscent of the early days of country folk music.  However, Last Birds' lyrical themes are relevant to the modern day.  Their vocal harmonies and carefully interwoven guitar accompaniments highlight the musical closeness possible in a spouse duo.

The couple is based in North Portal, Saskatchewan, a tiny village of 115 people on the US/Canadian border.  They live with their young daughter in a house they built with their own hands.



Spotlight Artist Showcase Schedule

Breakout West Spotlight

 MON 22 FEB 2021 3:30PM CST

Artist Showcase

 TUES 23 FEB 2021 8:30PM CST 



Featured on the Saskatchewan Music Awards
(performance at 19:30)
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